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May 16, 2022

“Don’t tell your dreams to small-minded people."

That quote from Steve Harvey is so spot-on and the reason that so many people get infected with what I call the “Scarcity Virus.”

The small-minded people he speaks of are the “Scarcity Pimps” in our lives.

Those people who tell us to “play it safe” or “be practical” at all costs.

Those people who, when they see others taste success, react with something like, “must be nice” or “some people just have too much money."

When these “pimps” are people in our family or network of friends or colleagues, it’s easy to get infected with their scarcity virus, succumbing to the doubt these people cast on our dreams, goals, and aspirations.

It’s important to remember that how the Scarcity Pimps react says so much more about their mindset than about your dreams.