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Sep 14, 2020

What does the word “freedom” mean to T.K. Coleman, director of entrepreneurial education at the Foundation for Economic Foundation (FEE) and the co-founder and education director at Praxis?

“Recognizing that I have the permission and the power to be the predominant creative force in my own life,” he said. “It's understanding that power does not begin with a discussion of external realities. It begins with an affirmation of internal reality, that I am not powerful because I happen to have the president that I want. I am not powerful because it happens to be the case that my circumstances agree with me. 

“I am powerful because I choose to be a causative force in my own experience. I am powerful because I choose to be an individual who has an impact on his world without asking anyone or anything for permission. I am powerful because it is a state of mind.”

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